Kaliji taught Datta Devotees in New Jersey ~ April 21st

///Kaliji taught Datta Devotees in New Jersey ~ April 21st

Kaliji traveled to Newark, New Jersey where she taught a program to Datta devotees. The program included jnana philosophy as well as TriYoga flows.


1) Start with a Bhajan
2) Power Point Presentation (Subtle Anatomy)
3) Yoga – A MUST for Spiritual Evolution (Workshop/Discourse).

Why Yoga?

-Its meaning of detached attachment in true sense. (Sanyaasa-Yoga).

– How it helps us at
Physical/Body Level
Mental/Mind Level
Spiritual /Direct Experience Level
(As a transcendant state beyond Mind and Intellect’s comprehension).

-How to attain those states systematically -(Astaanga-Yoga Vidya)

-Why should and How can, one take the leverage of the above states in one’s spiritual evolution to higher levels of consciousness and thereafter direct those energies to one’s own betterment and also to serve the world outside with a PURE MIND. How it helps us to see that one-ness in all (YOGA) as the same one-ness is manisfested ‘in’ and ‘as’ all (VIBHUTI).

3) Few Aasana demonstrations with their significances.
4) Question and Answers session.
5) End with a Bhajan


...in the flow