Kaliji’s Birthday weekend in State College, PA

///Kaliji’s Birthday weekend in State College, PA

For the third consecutive year Yogini Kaliji celebrated her Birthday in State College, PA. This year Kaliji arrived to Pennsylvania completing her European tour in Moscow, Russia.  The first session fell on the date of Kaliji’s Birthday (April 11)! Upon entering the class Kaliji was greeted by a Happy Birthday song!

The programs included Prana Vidya, Yogaflow, TriYoga Therapeutics and Jnana (Q&A).  Each session of these transforming practices was accompanied by gems of Yoga philosophy, delivered by Kaliji in such a delightful, fun and easy-to-comprehend manner! Thanks to Kaliji’s unique sense of humor, laughter was an inevitable part of each session.

Dr. G. presented medical facts supporting the benefits of yoga. Each time he travels with Kaliji, he finds more and more medical research to share.

Theresa, founder of TriYoga Center of Central PA, and Ganga offered alignment assistance. Theresa, Gita (from Indiana, Pennsylvania) and Citrini (director of TYC Philadelphia) demonstrated.


Over 80 students from multiple states enjoyed the programs.

Group photo ~ TriYoga with Yogini Kaliji in PA

On Friday, between the classes, Kaliji was invited for vegan meal at the house of TY teachers Jill & Scott. On the way there, a magnificent rainbow stretched across the sky! Birthday gifts, including clay pottery by Scott,  and a vegan meal, created by a gifted vegan chef Mairi Sim, were followed by birthday cake and candles. Kaliji shared a story from her 4th birthday: when smart little Kaliji learned that she could make a wish when she blew out the candles, she made the wish that all of her wishes come true!:)


Saturday evening was the big Birthday party and everyone came together for the celebration. It is a custom that Glenn, Theresa’s husband, gives an opening speech. This time he thanked Kaliji for her presence on this planet, which is celebrated by us all and asked everybody to take a moment to shower Kaliji with their gratitude and wishes.

Glenn honors Kaliji's Birthday

The party continued  with a vegan meal and birthday cakes! TY logo cake was made by TY teacher Barb Knobb.


TriYogis of all ages came to wish Kaliji Happy Birthday:).


The celebration also included release of another movie by TYC of Central PA, created for the fund raising campaign that will take place in May.

TYC of Central PA present the movie


Among many gifts Kaliji received roller-blades from Ann McGinley (TY teacher from Chicago).

Kaliji's Roller Skates


The rest of the evening was dedicated to music – Chanting!

Last year, Jill & Scott were inspired by Kaliji to study tabla. They have had their regular classes with Kaliji’s tabla teacher Prasann Salkar (Goa, India) via Skype. Now they can accompany Theresa (harmonium) during chanting! After leading a few chants, Kaliji also played tabla! All were immersed in singing, dancing and laughing!


The space where the party was held was decorated with the posters with testimonials and bitrthday wishes from the teachers and students of this TYC.


Kaliji’s Birthday Celebrations and wishes from around the world


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