Kaliji Visits New Zealand

///Kaliji Visits New Zealand


Following Australia, Kaliji traveled to Auckland, New Zealand, where she attended Sri Swamiji’s programs, visited gorgeous nature sites, and celebrated her birthday! Hari, Dr G & Ganga joined Kaliji.

The first destination was the town of Rotorua, famous for its sulfur springs ~ Polynesian Spa with hot pools of various temperatures situated on the shore of Lake Rotorua.

The town is also famous for the Thermal Wonderland ‘Wai-O-Tapu’, New Zealand’s most colorful volcanic area.



After morning at Rotorua, Kaliji reached Auckland to greet Sri Swamiji at the airport.



Evening in the city offers many opportunities to have fun. For example, mini bowling:). Kaliji and co-travelers stayed at the Rendezvous hotel, situated right next to the Auckland tower.

On April 11, Kaliji’s birthday celebration began with a trip to the island of Rangitoto. The island was formed 600 years ago due to volcanic eruption. It is preserved untouched, offering hiking trails in unique nature and magnificent views. The 20 minute boat ride to the island gives a chance to enjoy the view of Auckland from the water.

Kaliji always makes friends wherever she goes. While on the boat a girl was fascinated by Kaliji’s mudras. On the island a couple of young men asked Kaliji what was different about her, as she looked really cool. They were astounded to find out that she was celebrating her fifth 12-year cycle on this planet.

When back at the hotel in the afternoon, Kaliji was in for a surprise birthday party! Hari Krishna arranged a raw vegan chocolate birthday cake and decorated the room.


Thanks to Hari Krishna for arranging and overseeing every part of New Zealand trip!


Evening program with Sri Swamiji was the wonderful continuation for the celebration!



Kaliji’s birthday continued on April 12, which was April 11 in the USA. The very first people to greet Kaliji on this day were TriYogis from PA! They celebrated with a party at TYC of Central PA and asked Kaliji to Skype.




Morning program and walk with Sri Swamiji in the Auckland nature park were the perfect conclusion for Australia–New Zealand journey!



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