Yogini Kaliji in Trinidad

/, Sri Swamiji, with Kaliji/Yogini Kaliji in Trinidad

From left, Raynan, Anagesh, Kaliji and Krishna

Also joining were TriYoga teachers Mitradeva (left) from Berlin and Madan (right) from Florida.

Visiting a Siva temple, which sits on the beach near the Dattatreya Yoga Centre

At the beach

Thanks to Anagesh and Krishna for providing many wonderful photos.

Speakers of the Sri Hanuman Global Conference

Sri Swamiji sang bhajans for devotees,

and performed Sri Chakra puja.


Sri Swamiji releases a new DVD.

During one of the programs, Sri Swamiji began to manifest vibhuti (sacred ash)
from a beetel garland He was holding.

The 85-foot Hanuman watches over the events.

On the last day, devotees gathered on the beach. Sri Swamiji arrived
by helicopter.



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