Kaliji in Sydney, Australia

///Kaliji in Sydney, Australia
After a wonderful week in Cairns, Kaliji and the group arrived in Sydney on April 3rd.

Sri Swamiji’s programs began on April 4th with a celebration of Hanuman Jayanti at the Sydney Baha’i Centre. The programs included Sri Chakra Pooja, bhajans, discourses and a boat tour. Sri Swamiji fondly recalled His first trip to Australia with Kaliji in 1991.

Kaliji & Hari presented custom made T-shirts commemorating Sri Swamiji’s Guinness Book of World Records and His concert at the Sydney Opera House. These unique shirts are available for special order — contact Santoshi before June 15th to place your order.

While in Sydney, the group visited the famous Botanical Gardens, Darling Harbor, Bondi Beach, and explored the various vegan restaurants in town. Liz Caswell, respected editor and writer, joined for the events. Sri Swamiji fondly remembered Robert Caswell who attended the first concert in Australia in 2006. (Read about Robert at TY Remembrance page)



Thanks to Hari Krishna, TYI secretary, for arranging and overseeing every aspect of this trip!




On Sunday, April 5th, Sri Swamiji led a yoga photo session in front of the Sydney Opera House. Interestingly, as Sri Swamiji was arriving, a flock of white cockatoos appeared over the Opera House and flew across to a park with unobstructed views of Sri Swamiji and the photoshoot. And upon departure, the birds once again flew across the park as if escorting Sri Swamiji. It was an amazing flow to witness, knowing the deep love Sri Swamiji has for birds.


The main program for this tour was Sri Swamiji’s Music for Healing and Meditation concert at the Sydney Opera House. No other music venue defines its city and the country as much as the Opera House defines Sydney and even Australia. On Monday the 6th, Sri Swamiji performed at this iconic venue along with Dr. L Subramaniam and the Celestial Message Troupe. It was a one of a kind concert, a musical journey that will be remembered for ages. The Opera House was sold out for Sri Swamiji’s concert and it was revealed that Sri Swamiji earned His 2nd Guinness Record for leading the largest Music Therapy session.

The tour was full of fun surprises. On one of the evenings, a casual walk along the harbor turned into an impromptu street dance party with everyone (almost everyone) dancing freely under the bright full moon.

In Sydney the group met Arthur and Angela, who were instrumental in bringing TriYoga to China. Arthur and Angela now live in Australia and drove to Sydney to meet Kaliji and attend the concert. Arthur was pleasantly surprised to discover that Kaliji’s hotel was right in front of his very first work place in Australia.

April 8th marked Kaliji’s birthday according to the Vedic (moon) calendar. At midnight of April 7th, the group celebrated this joyous occasion with a surprise party in the hotel lobby and presented Kaliji with a beautiful three layer vegan cake, arranged by Hari Krishna. When taking photos, all were amazed to see unexplainable green lights floating around and changing in numbers. Every photographer exclaimed with astonishment “Look at the lights!” Magic is all around Kaliji!

On the Vedic birthday, Kaliji followed Sri Swamiji to enjoy the vast views of the Blue Mountains, its Trinity Sisters, and SkyWay. The tour continued on to Sydney’s Wildlife Park, where she enjoyed feeding kangaroos, petting koala’s and observing Australia’s unique residents.

Bala Swamiji surprised Kaliji with a birthday gift; a crystal kangaroo.

On April 9th Kaliji, Hari, Dr. G and Ganga left Australia for New Zealand.


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