Yogini Kaliji in Frankfurt, Germany

///Yogini Kaliji in Frankfurt, Germany

Kaliji presented TriYoga at the Inside Yoga Conference in Frankfurt, Germany – Oct 18–20, 2013.

Yogini Kaliji presents TriYoga at Inside Yoga conference

All TriYoga classes were full and booked in advance. Long-term and new TriYoga friends enjoyed Yogaflow®, Prana Vidya. Throughout the classes, Kaliji shared pearls of yoga wisdom and her unsurpassed humor.

TY Teachers Roselyne Colin (Koenigstein), Christiane Wolff (Frankfurt), and Corina (Hanau) offered demonstration. Priya (Ukraine), Mitradeva (Berlin) and Ganga (US) offered alignment assistance.

Inside Yoga shared photos of “Ever smiling Kaliji” on their Facebook page.

Yogini Kaliji & Christiane Wolff

Christiane Wolff, a renowned yoga author, met Kaliji and assistants at the airport and filled their day with fun activities such as a visit to the historic Opera House, called the Alte Oper (Old Opera). In the evening there was a visit to Christiane’s studio “Flowing Om”

Yogini Kaliji in TYC Koenigstein

On late afternoon Saturday, Kaliji visited TYC Koenigstein, directed by Roselyne. Roselyne offers TY teacher trainings and programs throughout the year.
During satsang with Kaliji, there was a lively Q&A Jnana flow.
Rebekka Schoeberl offered a wonderful performance of traditional Indian dance!

The next Inside Yoga Conference takes place in Wels, Austria. Kaliji is one of the presenters. See their website.


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