Yogini Kaliji presents at Evolution Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong

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Yogini Kaliji presented at the Evolution Asia Yoga Conference (AYC) in Hong Kong,  June 7–10. The AYC is the premier yoga conference in Asia, and Kaliji has presented every year the conference has been held since 2011. 

Kaliji taught Yogaflow programs on each day of the conference: Art&Science of Yogaflow (3 hrs), TriYoga-Therapeutics: Relax, Realign, Rejuvanate (3 hrs), Open the Hips in 6 Directions (2 hrs), and Awaken to the Wave ~ Free the Spine (2 hrs).

Kaliji’s programs were among the most fully attended at the conference, with the majority of students new to TriYoga. Many TriYoga teachers from China traveled to the conference for the TriYoga programs, plus teachers from Austria and Ukraine.  TY teacher Kiki provided Chinese interpretation for each program.

Additionally, Kaliji delivered a talk on Ahimsa Vegan Lifestyle, accompanied by a powerful and beautiful multimedia presentation. Kaliji’s vegan message focused on the Ahimsa Trinity of Animal Rights, Ecology, and Human Health. Kaliji frankly and compassionately detailed the benefits of a plant-based diet and compared them with the suffering and abuses imposed on animals by humans who raise and use them for food and products.

Kaliji was the guest of honor at a party organized by Kiki and hosted by TY teacher Cecilia at her company office. Everyone enjoyed vegan refreshments and participants took turns introducing themselves and sharing their experience with TriYoga.


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