Guru Purnima (Guru Day) ~ July 2005

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Guru Purnima Day Celebration ~ July 21, 2005
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This day is in honor of the Guru…

Kaliji was at the Datta Retreat Center in West Sunbury, PA partaking in celebrations with Sri Swamiji who gave programs there.



today i will celebrate my Guru’s Day
and my Guru’s Guru Day
and my Guru’s Guru’s Guru Day


i am happy Kaliji will be there with Her Swamiji and the other Datta family, friends and devotees.

i am sorry i am not there too, but Kaliji taught me to be happy anywhere, anytime, with anyone . . .

so i play here alone

and sing, dance & play some more
for i am the most fortunate of them all
i have Kaliji in my life

Jasmin Jinn


You are everything to me…
this day and all days of our lives…

You are the Spirit behind all beings
and the Light of Devi is upon us..

You being the Gift of unconventional

Your voice Deviji has become softer,
more subtle, there is a transparency
about it, as if Light itself could
vibrate the cords in Devis throat.
Truly Divine…
It is your nature to inspire this kind
of Wonder, the beauty inside Devi.
Revealed to her children of Light…

We love and wish always to be near..



My love and my thoughts are with You on this Guru Purnima day…..

The joy with which You live is a shining light
That brings happiness to all….
The grace You exhibit
Is the model for us to live…
Your purity of mind and of soul
Brings miracles to life…
The love that You give
Opens our hearts
And expands consciousness
In the world.

Beloved Kaliji,
You have changed my life. Such joy and happiness has come to me since I’ve been with You….
and they continue to grow every day. Your light and grace and generosity show me how I want to be… and I strive to model myself after what I see in You.

The love that You give means so much me.. and I give thanks for this.. and for You…
every day of this life. Nothing is as important to me as You are…. and there is nothing
that I want in this life except You. I love You more than everything else….
each day I feel that I couldn’t possibly love You more…
and each day my love for You grows stronger.

Doing Devi’s work, and living my life with You, is all that I want …..

For You I give thanks… for being with You, and for all You give me…
and in return I give myself to You…… my work, my devotion, and my eternal love.

I love You, Sri Kaliji …. Happy Guru Purnima Day!

Jaya Guru Devi…..



Beloved Sri Kaliji,

1008 pranams to Sri Kaliji
The Guru’s light is a Blessing
Thanks to Sri Devi

Raaya is 108% happy
Nothing is needed
Love being with Devi on this special beautiful Day.

Jaya Guru Devi
Jaya Guru Datta

With Love,


Oh Guruji
Like the Moon!
Solid rock…
Reflecting White Light
from the Sun Souce…
You give Glow to night!

Always present
in the sky of the mind
in daylight in clouds in rain and dark…
Full and unchanging…

how can it be expressed the love that one has for the Guru… there is no sound in any language that i can voice… no picture that i can draw…. it is intangible … i can say only simply… BHAVA… Feeling…..

so i dive into this divine Feeling and swim!… with gratitude of this knowing, with gratitude of this love and guidance…. with gratitude of this

Jaya Guru Devi

~ nikita

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