Journey to India—7th TriYoga Yatra in Mysore

//Journey to India—7th TriYoga Yatra in Mysore

While in India, Yogini Kaliji conducted the 7th TriYoga Yatra in Mysore. Organized as always by the esteemed scholar and yoga teacher Dr. Ragavendra Pai, the yatra was covered by both local and national press and received great coverage in newspapers and on television.


Yogini Kaliji, Dr. Pai, and tour group visited the wonderful Kautilya Vidya Laya school where hundreds of students enjoyed a talk and mudra demonstration by Yogini Kaliji, and a Yogaflow demonstration by senior teachers John, Stephanie and Eva-Maria. Principal Dr. Sevita was thrilled with Yogini Kaliji’s visit.






Television Interview with Kannada language channels  Amogha Channel 1 (local) and India-wide Kannada Udaya Channel.



The second yatra event was Yogini Kaliji’s presentation at the Second International Conference on Sri Vidya. Yogini Kaliji’s talk focused on Sri Vidya (creative energy) and its manifestation in TriYoga, and included a demonstration of mudra and yogaflow. Immediately afterward, Kaliji was surrounded by the fellow presenters and members of the audience who offered invitations and asked for photos.

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