John & Stephanie in Taiwan

///John & Stephanie in Taiwan

Update ~ John and Stephanie concluded their first visit to Taiwan on Nov. 11. In the 12 days that they were there, they taught 22 classes over 45 hours, and had 249 students.

TY teachers John and Stephanie are currently on tour in Asia, October 29 – November 11 in Taiwan,
November 12 – December 9 in China, and back to Taiwan December 9 – January 8.

They left California to begin teaching in Taiwan on Oct. 29. Kaliji has traveled to Taiwan several times
and the students there have wanted teachers to come for a longer period of time to offer more trainings.

Stephanie with Judy, their host in Taiwan.
Stephanie and John are teaching two, 2-hour classes a day for Judy.

Stephanie and Cheryl – a yoga teacher who has attended Kaliji’s programs in the past.

John & Stef taught Cheryl’s yoga class for kids. As a surprise, at the end they brought Stef a vegan birthday cake
(Stef’s birthday is Halloween). The kids could do ANYTHING. One girl was practically holding her feet in Wheel.

Judy, Husband Andy, and daughter Ann (Yi-An in Chinese). They all went on a hike in the incredibly steep mountains,
through mist and tea fields. It looks cold, but don’t be deceived…. it was very warm and humid.

The group who took a 6-hour workshop at Ok I Do Yoga in Chiayi. Judy’s brother-in-law owns the studio.

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