John & Stephanie in England ~ May 2009

///John & Stephanie in England ~ May 2009

John and Stephanie’s tour continued with a visit to the ASHA Centre from May 4 to May 10. Located in the Royal Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England, the Centre is home to a wide range of spiritual and cultural activities. ASHA’s in-house team of teachers and facilitators run workshops and courses in the performing arts, self-development and working with nature. Groups from around the world visit the Centre to have encounters of living and interacting more deeply both with others and their environment.

John and Stephanie’s visit coincided with a group of Youth Ambassadors from the Trevor Huddleston Centre Sophiatown in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Youth Ambassadors worked with the ASHA Centre to present the play “Stories from the New South Africa”, which highlighted the experiences of youth in Johannesburg from the 1950s to the present day. Check the ASHA Centre website for more information:

The South African group with the ASHA center staff.

Throughout the week John and Stephanie taught group and individual classes.

ASHA Centre staff member Indu attended classes with John and Stephanie every day.

John and Stephanie were interviewed by Forest of Dean Radio.

John and Stephanie with ASHA Centre Founder Director, International Woman of the Year, Human Rights Campaigner and author Zerbanoo Gifford. Kaliji was featured in Zerbanoo’s recent book ““Confessions of a Serial Womaniser.”

ASHA Centre Gunn Mill House and photos of the beautiful surrounding countryside.

John and Stephanie spent an evening in London before departing for Israel.

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