John & Stephanie in Xiamen, China

///John & Stephanie in Xiamen, China

John & Stephanie arrived in China on November 12. They first traveled to Xiamen to teach for a week.

They had the opportunity to visit Gu Lang Yu, a small island near Xiamen.

Their first workshop in Xiamen. 33 students attended the 3.5 hours program.
Class included L1 flows, PV, and question/answer.

The first day of the 4-day training – there were 7 students each day for L1 Flows and PV.
There was a great response to the program and this was a good start in Xiamen for future programs.

Participants in the 4 day training. From left to right: Josephine, Yuen Shan, Ming Ming, Sabrina, Stef, John,
Cathy (host and owner of the studios), Bess (Wang Chang), and Yue Chen.

John and Stephanie with Cathy and Victor, organizer of TY programs in Asia.

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