John & Stephanie in Chiayi City, Taiwan

///John & Stephanie in Chiayi City, Taiwan

John and Stephanie returned to Chiayi City, Taiwan on December 9 and will stay until January 8.
They have been teaching daily, including the first Taiwan Basics Teacher Training.

Scenes from the Basics Teacher Training. The training has been organized by host Judy,
and is held in the yoga studio of intern Cheryl. John and Stephanie also teach a daily Basics/Level 1 Flow class in Cheryl’s studio.

John and Stephanie also teach classes at the Tzu Chi Compassion Foundation Hospital in Dalin. The Tzu Chi Foundation is a volunteer-based, social welfare and spiritual organization that offers social and community services, medical care, and education in Taiwan and around the world. Host Judy has regular classes there, and her students were very excited to meet John and Stephanie!

On December 29 John and Stephanie taught another 6-hour workshop at the OKIDO yoga studio in Taiwan. Over 20 students attended and were very happy to have John and Stephanie return.

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