January 5 ~ Sogala

On Janaury 5th, Kaliji and TriYogis visited Sogala, the birthplace of Matajayalaksmi.

The energy is felt immediately, especially in the room with Matajayaksmi’s murti (statue). It is so powerful, profound and peaceful. The moment that Kaliji sat down in front of the murti, mudras began to flow through her hands. All kept silent, treasuring these special moments, the feeling of reverence for this magic.

Seeing Kaliji at the entrance of the house, local kids crowded around her, full of curiosity and excitement. She greeted them with a warm and radiant smile and shared with them some mudras. They gathered around her, fully concentrated, with big smiles. They looked so cute, repeating each word and movement after her. Each child was so excited when Kaliji gave him or her special attention, helping to put their little fingers into the correct position. No doubt, for them, those 10 minutes around her was a big event to remember.


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