January 4 ~ Mekedatu

Accoring to Vedic astrology, TriYoga’s 30th anniversary happened to be on January 3rd. The celebration on both January 3rd and 5th unfolded as a beautiful flow. Days before, the plans were made to visit the place where Sri Swamiji was born (Mekedatu) and the birthplace of Sri Matajayalaksmi (Sogala). Both visits took place on the dates of TriYoga’s anniversary, even though it was not preplanned so.

It was a sunny morning on January 4th, when the group was ready to start a 4-hour drive to the little town of Mekedatu. In the US, it was still January 3d, and even more so, it was right about the time when Kriyavati siddhi was flowing through Kaliji for the first time. All were amazed at the timing!

Usually when people come to the place of Sri Swamiji’s birth, they visit the place of Sri Matajayalaksmi’s family home, which is now a small beautiful ashrama of Sri Swamiji on the banks of the Kaveri river.

This area is also famous for its powerful spritual nature spot – the confluence of three sacred rivers Kaveri, Guptagamini and Arkaveri. It is considered very auspicious to take a bath in those waters. Here, Kaliji stands at the confluence of the three rivers.

Kaliji and the group did visit those two and most of 12 people did not miss the chance of auspicious bathing…thus getting themselves soaking wet and utterly happy and excited for the rest of Mekedatu journey.

That morning, Sri Swamiji gave Kaliji special permission to visit the actual place of His birth, Brahma Kunda, so the journey continued there. The place is located among enormous rocks with jagged edges. It is very treacherous to climb, but once on top, one’s breath is taken away by the beautiful view over the river, rocks and mountains.

To get there, the group took a bus. A vehicle so old and rusty that it is hard to imagine that it still drives, yet it did and took all through the curvy unpaved dirt road. Getting on that bus, all were even more excited for the coming experience. “What a party!” said one of the group, and the rest just laughed in response.

The road that the group experienced as a very bumpy funny ride, Matajayalaksmi walked in the night all by herself, pregnant. To be precise, she was about to give birth to her child. While climbing up the huge rocks, everybody’s wonder kept growing ~ “How could she do it?” Whatever it was, it was pure magic. This magical story is described in detail in Sri Swamiji’s bio ‘Reflection of the Absolute”.

In Brahma Kunda itself, excitement from the bus drive gave way to the state of reverence, peace and contemplation, which stayed with everybody on the way back to Mysore ashrama.

Kaliji on the spot where Sri Swamiji was born.


...in the flow