Jan 1-10 ~ Mysore

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On January 1st, Kaliji and the group traveling with her returned to Mysore. Of course, with great timing – they arrived at the ashrama right in time for Sri Swamiji’s live performance. To honor the New Year, Sri Swamiji inaugurated His new (as he refers to it) friend and devotee, the piano. All were mesmerized by the unique, beautiful, profound Nadam (sound) coming out of this instrument. It was a fascinating experience to be welcomed to the ashrma in such a way.

The group that accompanies Kaliji has grown bigger and become international. There are a total of 12 students from the US, Germany, Austria, Russia and China. All cannot help sharing excitement with each other. Sudevi, who joined Kaliji in Goa, says that it still feels surreal that she is here, “like the best dream!”
Madan and Ganga who have been to India a few times before, say that it feels like they never left, that they are home.

John and Stephanie, senior TY teachers, have joined Kaliji as well. For the past 6 months, they have been in China conducting TYTTs from Basics to Level 3. They said that the moment they saw Kaliji, they felt as if they have been around for all this time. As for India, they were here before but by themselves. “This experience is so distinctly different!” Together with them came Kiki, TY translator in China.

Ekaterina from Austria is on her 3rd trip to India with Kaliji and she is excited even more!
Monica from Germany, was in India before, but is eager to experience it with Kaliji.

Kaliji with Swami Manasa and Sri Kant, Kaliji’s driver and assistant in South India.

The days are full of prearranged programs (concerts, TY classes) and great unexpected flows.
Today’s greatest experience was time with Swami Manasa Datta, one of the top secretaries of DattaPeetham. Many TriYogis know him from his outstanding voice chanting sanskrit mantras or the bhajan “He Mata.”

Though busy with all the duties and teaching programs, he found time to spend with Kaliji’s students. To say that Swami Manasa knows everything will not be overestated. Eleven languages, 6 degrees in various sciences, outstanding music skills and talents, and more and more. Yet, he is the most humble, funny, loving, accessible and sharing person most have ever met. All were left wordless after he shared the story of his experiences with Sri Swamiji, full of miracles and inner transformations. As Kaliji says: “Jnana (yoga philosophy) just pours out of him.” Every word of his had a deep message for all to ponder about. Even though he was due to leave to teach in another country that night, he did not miss playing tabla, which he is the master of, at a regular evening chanting at the ashrama. All in the group were so grateful for his time and his sharing true yoga message in his words and by his actions.

All are very grateful to Kaliji for the opportunity to meet this great yogi, and for this unique and rare experience.

Evrybody in the ashrama is eager to greet Kaliji. For those who are around her, it is always a chance to hear more magical stories with Sri Swamiji, all containing deep life messages.

Dr Supriya shared her amazing story on how Sri Swamiji taught her to never give up and always keep trying. She was miraculously guided by Sri Swamiji to go for her MD degree in Odessa, Ukraine. She did not know anybody there, nor did she speke Russian. Sri Swamiji told her to not imagine how it was going to be, to just accept and adjust to all the difficulties. It was not easy, but due to His words, she had all the strength to face the difficulties and she felt constant support and guidance (with many miracles) and felt at peace. Now she is a highly educated physician at Sri Swamiji’s Ayurvedic hospital.

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