India Tour Dec '08 # 2

///India Tour Dec '08 # 2

Maxim from Russia has accompanied Kaliji throughout this north and south Indian Yatra. He has taken many high quality photos. These will be available as a web album link on this news page…coming very soon.

Sat. December 13

During Datta Jayanti, each evening were dance and music concerts. Here Kaliji is on stage with Sri Swamiji and Bala Swamiji, as they watch Bharatanatyam dance performance by Ms. Aishwarya Nityanand of Bangalore.
Photo by Agastya Seikritt.

Sun. December 14

While Sri Swamiji was on the raft, Swami Manasa chants the new melody of “Om Aim Hreem Shreem Siva Rama Anagha Dattaya Namaha”.

Wed. December 17

Parliament of Karnataka. It was here, at the High Court entrance, that Kaliji gave a successful all-state press interview, arranged by the president of Karnataka state Yoga Association.

Press Conference in Bangalore, India
December 17, 2008

Swamini Kaliji’s TriYoga Yatra

Seven television channels, including two national – Doradarshan and Suvarna -filmed and interviewed Kaliji. Other reporters were there from state and local channels, and both local and national newspapers including The Hindu. Kaliji and her presentation of TriYoga were received with great excitement and enthusiastic applause.

Karnataka Yoga Association, Bangalore and Sri Vedavyasa Yoga Foundation, Mysore jointly organized the
“TriYoga Yatra” from December 18 to 24 in Bangalore, Mysore and Gundlupet. The yatra is to present the unique concept of yoga by internationally renowned yogini Swamini Kaliji.

Also present at the press conference were Putta Gowda, President of the Revenue Department and Honorary Secretary of Yoga Association of Karnataka Government. He was a former yoga student of Dr. K.R. Pai. Dr. Pai and Dr. M.V. Sridhara of Vedavyasa and
KarnatakaYoga Association respectively sponsored the yatra. Both have been deeply involved in yoga education nationally and internationally for many years.

Maxim from Russia, Mitradeva and Eva-Maria from Germany,and Nandi from USA were assistants.

Press conference continues outside.

Organizer of Kaliji’s Karnataka Yoga Yatra, Dr. K.R. Raghavendra Pai.

New mudra was born.

Thur. December 18

Another new mudra.

This lizard was approaching the street so Kaliji went to see if she could get him to the grass. He allowed Kaliji to catch him, then when they got to the grass he didn’t want to leave. He stayed with Kaliji five minutes until she asked him to depart. šŸ™‚

Fri. December 19

One of India’s creative drivers’ warning signs on the way to Bangalore.

Sri Kanth…Kaliji’s top driver and travel director.

Kaliji is welcomed to Sri Kailash Ashrama Mahasamsthana by present day guru, Sri Jayendra Puri Swamiji. The presiding deity at the ashrama is Sri Jnanakshi Rajarajeshwari Devi. The founder of the ashrama was guru & saint, Sri Tiruchi Mahaswamigal:

To see photos of the ashrama:

Kaliji is honored with garland.

Kaliji gives the “Special Guest” talk.

Cultural event on the powers of Devi.

Atri & Anasuya – parents of Dattatreya.

Caves to meditate in.

Front yard to Kaliji’s room at the ashrama.

Kaliji’s room at this Rajarajesvari ashrama.

Another new mudra.

Sat. December 20

Kaliji gives lecture/presentation to Karnataka Yoga Association of Bangalore.


Kaliji greets honored KYA board.

Dr. Pai honored.

After the talk and demonstration, the audience came on stage for one hour of various group photos.

Oxnard College of Physiotherapy

Sun. December 21

100 yoga teachers from Karnataka.

Kaliji gave Yogaflow demonstrations daily.

Mon. December 22

Principal of Mahajana College introduces Kaliji to the class of 200 students.

Articles and photos about Kaliji’s Yoga Yatra also appeared in several news publications and from the venues themselves:

Mahajana College Chiever

A larger image of this can be seen here.

Praja Vani Kannada

Star of Mysore

A larger image of this can be seen here

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