In the Flow and On the Road with Kaliji in Europe

///In the Flow and On the Road with Kaliji in Europe

On Oct 21, Kaliji returned to Europe for her second visit in 2010.

On this tour, she will give 1 keynote address, visit 2 TriYoga Centers, and teach 3 weeks of programs in 4 different countries.

The tour began with 3 days of TY programs at the Iyengar Center in Munich, which is the largest yoga studio in the city. More than 50 participants attended the 5 programs over the weekend.

Alignment assistants over the weekend were senior TY teachers Matarani, Eva-Maria, Roselyne and Urvasi. Eva-Maria and Urvasi also translated during the sessions. Here, Roselyne and Eva-Maria demonstrate the flows.

Roselyne (front), Urvasi and Keith (back). Roselyne owns the TY Center in Koenigstein, Germany and Urvasi owns the TY Center in Berlin.

Annette, who owns the TriYoga Center in Schwanenstadt, Austria

On Monday & Tuesday (Oct 25 & 26), Kaliji taught a Level 3 program at the TY Center in Munich, owned by TY teacher Beate.

Outside the TY Center, with the full moon behind.

Eva-Maria assists a student.

TriYoga teachers Reiner (left), from Switzerland, and Roselyne

TY teachers Rolf and Jutta from Berlin.

Mercury Max is also on tour with Kaliji, offering chanting during the workshops.

Following the programs in Munich, Kaliji traveled to Vienna, where she went to the TriYoga Center Vienna for the first time.

TY teachers Peter and Tanja own the TY Center, Vienna. They had arranged everything so well for Kaliji’s visit ~ the surroundings and the students were all perfectly prepared.

The sign inside the TYC, created by Tanja

Peter and Tanja demonstrate during class

TY teacher Larissa introduces Kaliji to TriYoga baby Kiran for the first time.

The evening of TY flows and chanting was followed by beautiful vegan prasad. It was prepared by three friends of Peter & Tanja who are lifetime vegetarians. See their website here.

Upon arrival in Vienna, Kaliji also gave 2 interviews. Here, she is interviewed for an Austrian Yoga Magazine.

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