Impressions from Valencia, Spain

///Impressions from Valencia, Spain

From June 7-11 Eva-Maria taught in the very beautiful city of Valencia, Spain. The Basics & Level 1 program had been organized as a workshop, but quickly turned into a Basics teacher training. The students were excited and so eager to learn, flowing for 8 hours a day and learning a great deal over the 5 days.

Kike, the program organizer and owner of the studio, took very good care of Eva-Maria and translated the programs in the afternoon.

The train station, a very imposing yet beautiful building

Lonja della Sedia (the town hall)

Lores (Kike’s wife, left) and Anna invited Eva-Maria for a vegan dark chocolate con churros, a very famous specialty in Valencia.

One of the 2 remaining torres of Valencia. Originally Valenica had 7 towers to protect the city.

The cathedral

In 40 degree Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) heat, the lovely students enjoyed the intense program. 5 new certified Basics teachers were the wonderful result. Linda (rear left), who is originally from Sweden, helped Ester with the translation during the morning sessions.

Esther (at right) is the main teacher in Valencia. Aided by Linda, Esther translated the morning sessions.

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