Impressions from Fondi, Italy

///Impressions from Fondi, Italy


Animal rights activist Kim Amlong first heard of Kaliji this summer, on the Veganpalooza broadcast. She contacted TriYoga and was thrilled to learn that Kaliji would be visiting Lake Bracciano, only a few hours away from her home in Italy, for a week-long retreat. Kim attended every session and was hooked ~ she arranged her own teacher trainings with senior teachers Matarani and Eva-Maria, and was just certified as a Basics Teacher!


She recently invited Eva-Maria to Fondi, about 2 hours away from Rome, for workshops and seminars. Over a dozen students enjoyed a weekend of Flows, Prana Vidya, and meditation.


Fernando, a professional food taster and vegan chef, invited Eva-Maria and Kim to his garden full of orange, lemon and olive trees.


Here, a delicious fruit salad with fresh persimmons!


Kim is so excited to be the second certified teacher in Italy, and looks forward to sharing TriYoga in her adopted country.

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