Happy Birthday Yogini Kaliji!

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Apen Galamax

My dear dear Kaliji,
Today would be just about dawning in your part of the world.
April the 11th.
A date on which this world was blessed by your presence on it.
The world rejoices on this day and so do we.
Pushpa joins me in extending our affection, full of prayers, for your long, healthy and blissful life. May this date continue to come year after year after year. May you continue to shower your blessings and divine knowledge on the world and may we continue to be one of your loved ones. Always. 
Distinguished speaker and author Vijay K. Bansal (India)

Precious birth


Dear Kaliji,
It is a happy, happy, holy day. All across the planet people wake up on April 11 and give thanks for your birth this wondrous day. The blessing of your coming to Earth to share ancient wisdom and timeless truth cannot be named by words, but can be felt in each and every heart. You wake us up, you show us by example, you hold patiently to eternal truth and highest knowledge and infinite bliss while we try to comprehend the vastness and potential for life that no one told us about before. Or if they did tell me…I forgot to remember and am so thankful you woke me up again.
I am so blessed to be in the presence of your life on Earth, as you walk this human path and show me how to do it so beautifully. I treasure all the teaching, I welcome all the learning, and I give tremendous thanks for your entrusting me to share with others what I have learned through you.
Thank you for all that you do to inspire me, energize me, and calm me. Thank you for bringing forth TriYoga Flows, music, Prana Vidya, vegan awareness, jnana, and a worldwide community of Flow-ers, who are my friends and my family. Thank you for giving your every breath to this path, for knowing what is real and true, and for teaching it to me, and to everyone.  April 11, 1955, is the day a comet of love and light blasted through the wall of density and darkness. I thank God for the gift of Kaliji on Earth.
Wishing you a perfect day of celebration and joy.
With love and gratitude,

Kathrin (TYC Bad Tölz, Germany)

TYC Brovary, Ukraine

Gayatri (AZ, USA)

Some of the Happy Birthday Wishes received via WeChat:




❤🌺❤JAI🌼🎉❤HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALIJI 💖🐬🌞 we bow in deep gratitude 🙆❣🙏TY tribe on the island of S.Pietro ~ JGDevi 🌈

Happy Happy Birthday to the indescribable, unimaginable, and absolutely extraordinary Yogini Kaliji! The coolest, most adorable, and most awe inspiring one-of-a-kind Yogini in the Universe. Blessed to be on Planet Earth at the same time as You — Rock On Sri Kaliji! Jaya Guru Devi ❤️👽🎼🙏🎉

Rishi (CA, USA)

Happy Birthday dearest Kaliji , lifetimes of love and pranams🧡🍊💫💫🔥🔥🔥💫💫💫

Mary Kemper (OH, USA)

Aloha Sri Kaliji, It’s a happy happy holy day. Eternal gratitude and love.

Brahmi (MA, USA)

Happy Birthday dear Kaliji. The galaxy celebrates You! Chant Rock! Gift of sound energy and great vibrations. Sweet love to you. JGD

Anasuya (CA, USA)

Happy Birthday Yogini Kaliji.
Creator, Sustainer, Transformer. Moves mountains, dances waves, chants blissful sun. You are Love, wisdom, joy and all things Great! Gratitude to You Beloved KALIJI Guru Devi

Nandi (CA,USA)

Happy Beautiful Birthday Yogini Kaliji! So grateful for you and us to be on this planet at the same time. Humble pranams.

Binaka (PA, USA)

JGD Happy happy birthday dearest Kaliji 🙏💛🙏💛
Looking forward to see you again 🌞🌼🌞
It is wonderful that you are with us all 🌼🙏

Brahma (Germany)

JGD Kaliji, Love and Blessings on this auspicious day. 10am TriYoga class just starting with 3 part breathing.

Have a wonder filled day.🎈 Happy Birthday!
     🔥      🔥      🔥
     📍      📍      📍
     📍      📍      📍
Love Always
Pene (Australia)

Jaya Guru Devi Dear Kaliji ❤️ Happy Birthday to You 🌹 Thank You for being with us on this earth in this Yuga 🙏Very blessed to experience the divine love, compassion and power of Mother Goddess 🌼 May your wonderful mission grow and thrive 🧡 Om Sri Jayalakshmi Matre Namaha 🌷

Kamala (Germany)

Happy birthday to my beautiful guru, Yogini Kaliji. I will forever be grateful to have you in my life!

Beatrice (CA, USA)

Many happy returns of the day 🎂 to Vishwa Bandhu Yogini Kaliji JGDD 👏🏽

Sudhir (CA, USA)

Congratulations to dear Kaliji! Touch your feet and wish you loooooong life and strong health! Thanks Universe to know you! ❤️💙💚💛💜🙌

Yulia (Israel)

Happy Birthday dearest Kaliji😇🐦 🤲🤲 I have you in center of my heart as a symbol of universal energy. I thanks God to let me know you and this connection with you. And Thanks to you for your mere existence as love and unification with the universe🌎🌞🌝JGD
Toshi (Japan)

Dear Kaliji,

Offered prayers of thanks for you this morning as I hold you close this day on your birthday. So grateful you are in my life and opening the way for so many in the world. Deepest of blessings in the day and year.
Love, Glenn (PA, USA)

Jaya Guru Devi,
We wish you a very happy birthday dear Kaliji!
Your words have inspired many people, your actions have moved even more! You truly are an exemplary Guru / Friend /Mother. One that I am truly proud to call mine. Happy birthday!
with love,
Shreedhar & Family (India)

Jaya Guru Devi dearest Kaliji

Wish you all the best and a wonderful flow for your next year on Earth 🙂

Happy to be following your path with TY… greatest gift!

Much love

Ishtar  (Switzerland)

Jaya Guru Devi
Dearest MATAJI, this is when I looked today at my telephone screen to see all 11s and thought about Your birthday!
The most auspicious, extraordinary, intuitive, knowledgeable, loving Person I know; the Grand Gift of my life to be in contact with You.

Pranams to You and wishing a great ambience for celebration today and more miracles to follow!


Much love,

Natalia (Siberia, Russia)

Dear Kaliji,

There is not a day I am not grateful of you being in my life and for all the priceless knowledge you have given to me! It can’t be measured by any fortune, it is beyond, beyond, beyond ….
Love and JGD forever …
Oleg (CA, USA)


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