Happy Birthday, Kaliji!

//Happy Birthday, Kaliji!

TriYoga of Central Pennsylvania

Dear Kaliji

A Birthday Tribute in Three Parts

Theresa_andKalijiI. Gratitude
Dear Kaliji, I honor your birthday with gratitude. The gift of your life and your work in the world is a powerful and needed gift to this planet. As one student put it, “Thank you for helping me flow ‘deeper’ into my spirit self. Yoga has changed everything.” As the years fly along, I see TriYoga® transforming countless lives, here in Central Pennsylvania and far and wide across the planet. You teach us to welcome the physical experience as an opportunity to energize and tend our vehicles. You help us learn about the Self by exploring our earthly body and the breath that inspires it. You teach us to examine the mind and inhabit our subtle bodies, transforming the blocks and limitations. You show us how to exist with relaxation, calm and focus. I give thanks for these teachings, which are my compass for life.

II.  Awe
Dear Kaliji, this Flow is incredible! You speak of the Divine Wisdom bringing forth the knowledge piece by piece, picking up exactly where it left off, filling in each gap with precision and grace. Nadi by nadi, I feel it myself, this gradual and comprehensive rewiring of my whole being. It changes the way I walk, talk, move, think and breathe, and it has no end. Through the gift of your life, we are given the opportunity to meet the source of existence and the cause of being. The eternal and infinite nature of consciousness and energy, which we discover through this practice and these teachings, transforms us. Wisdom flows in. Awareness opens up. Our minds are blown away! On this occasion of your birthday, I offer you my humble amazement, deep awe, and great joy.

III. Hope
Dear Kaliji, you bring me hope. Through you, I have learned to appreciate the ceaseless cycles of creating, sustaining, dissolving. Where before I might have been swallowed in despair or depression, I now flow on. Where previously I could have gotten tangled in resentment or disgust, I now witness calmly. With purity of awareness and purity of heart, I can identify right action and carry out my duties. With the knowledge of how to keep my energy flowing and my spirit blissful, life lacks nothing. Best of all, thanks to you and TriYoga® I have friends and family to share the journey with. I move into this April 11th day treasuring the fullness of your life and your being, and giving profound thanks for your existence on earth.

Happy birthday, dear Kaliji.
Jaya Guru Devi!
I love you,

Berlin, Germany


Kundalini rising along the spine,
turning the luminous wheels left and right,
colorful they pulse and shine,
illuminating the subtle form strong and bright.

Atman and Brahman in a close embrace,
blissful abandon and surrender,
creating a flow of union and grace,
divine joy spreading wide and tender…

Devoted to Kaliji, foremost yoga guru on planet Earth,
beloved by Dee Kay and many other souls here and elsewhere.

Berlin, Germany

Strawberry Tart by MD Vegan

TYC Brovary, Ukraine

Jaya Guru Devi! Dear Kaliji, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! from  Brovary, with best wishes from all our students and teachers. Much love! Thank you.
TriYoga Center Brovary offered free classes on Kaliji’s birthday, as well as vegan sweets.

California, USA

Cupcakes by Chef Kelli (kellisvegankitchen.com)


 Moscow, Russia


Vegan cupcakes by Oksana Dic, chef and sister of TY Teacher Uliana

 California, USA

California, USA

Kentucky, USA


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