Guru Purnima with Sri Swamiji in New Jersey

///Guru Purnima with Sri Swamiji in New Jersey

Kaliji and many students were in New Jersey for the Guru Purnima celebraion.

Kaliji arrives and is welcomed by Datta devotees.

Sri Swamiji’s arrival

and opening talk to devotees

More than 40 of Kaliji’s students traveled to New Jersey to attend the programs and concert in New York City.

Kaliji with Pavana
Pavana is a clairvoyant, whom Kaliji visited when in her early 20s.
Pavana predicted TriYoga by telling Kaliji “It will all begin with your hands”
(mudras were what came first when kriyavati began).

Devotees perform pada puja to Sri Swamiji

Hundreds of devotees attended the programs.

Sri Chakra Puja

Sri Swamiji performed many different mudras during the puja.

Sri Swamiji gives a message to devotees.

Kaliji with Datta Yogiraja ~ disciple of Sri Swamiji; Vedic scholar who lives in Chicago

Kaliji with Bala Datta devotees.

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