Guru Purnima in Germany ~ July 2010

/, Sri Swamiji, with Kaliji/Guru Purnima in Germany ~ July 2010

On July 25, Kaliji and TriYoga group traveled to Geseke, Germany for the Guru Purnima celebration of Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji. The Guru Purnima full moon is considered the most powerful full moon of the year, and it marks a time to give thanks to all of the teachers in our lives who guide us toward positive transformation.

This year, the week-long program included the Gna Na Baa Yoga Conference, daily pujas, evening bhajan sessions, an outing with Sri Swamiji, and the main Guru Purnima celebration on July 25th. On the inaugural day of the program, Kaliji performed a Devi Dance for Sri Swamiji. The effortless grace of Kaliji’s flow left the audience spellbound, and the completion of the Devi Dance was met with thunderous applause. Sri Swamiji especially thanked Kaliji for the beautiful and powerful presentation. Kaliji also taught daily TriYoga classes during the conference, and Sri Swamiji honored Kaliji and TriYoga many times, even describing TriYoga and Kriya Yoga as his “left eye and right eye”. Sri Swamiji also encouraged all of his devotees to learn and practice TriYoga.

Kaliji performing Devi Dance ~ See video of the Devi Dance here.

Kaliji dancing during an evening bhajan session. Kaliji was always the first to dance, leading the way for others to join.

Scenes from the morning TriYoga classes. The 6am classes were very well attended, and the early morning provided a wonderful atmosphere for TriYoga sadhana.

Kaliji and TriYoga assistants also taught TriYoga to a group of young children during the Gnaa Naa Bha Yoga conference. Children are always attracted to Kaliji, and they had great fun with the TriYoga flows.

A wonderful outing with Sri Swamiji was organized as part of the celebration week. The day began with a boat trip on Moehnesee Lake, followed by a trip through Biillsteinhoehle, a natural dripstone cave.

Kaliji and Swami Manasa Datta share a laugh on Lake Moehnesee.

Amazing limestone drip formations inside Biillsteinhoehle. Many of the formations in the cave resemble Shiva lingams.

Sri Swamiji with Kaliji and Swami Manasa Datta outside of the cave.

Animals are always attracted to Kaliji! These deer were in a lovely park along the path to the cave.

One of the evening programs consisted of talented performances by devotees. Kaliji joined Swami Manasa Datta in a skit about a spiritual seeker, lost in earthly desires, who encounters many different gurus before being rescued by Sri Swamiji. Kaliji portrayed an ascetic yogi whose practices were a bit too extreme for the new spiritual seeker, played by Swami Manasa. The crowd loved seeing Swamini Kaliji and Swami Manasa Datta in these hilarious roles!

TriYoga composer and musician Mercury Max played drums and keyboards in a fusion concert with bandmates Ueli, Manu, Sandy Patton, and Hans Kashyapa . The band played both compositions of Sri Swamiji and original compositions by Ueli and Manu.

Darshan line during Pada Puja on day of Guru Purnima.

Mercury Max greets Sri Swamiji.

Kaliji’s teaching flow continues during a walk through the woods near Geseke, accompanied by Mercury Max and TriYoga teacher Mitra Deva from Berlin.

Kaliji’s Guru Purnima day talk is on the KRIYA site.

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