Guru Purnima Celebrations continued….

/, Sri Swamiji, with Kaliji/Guru Purnima Celebrations continued….

On Thursday, Kaliji decided to take a walk in downtown Dallas. Not 5 minutes later, she walked into a beautiful park with a pond. It was a pleasant for the group. All enjoyed the scenery and being near the water, where the summer heat is not that strong.

Kaliji with Lila-Ananda from Florida (left) and Ekaterina from Vienna (right)

Kaliji and Madan, always laughing.

Kaliji and students

While in Dallas Kaliji and students enjoyed a few lunches at Cosmic Cafe. It is one of the very few purely vegetarian restaurants in Dallas and they can make almost every dish vegan. The food is great as well as the exterior and interior design of the place. More information can be found at

Kaliji with students at Cosmic Cafe. From left to right: Lila-Ananda, Madan, Ekaterina, Mitradeva.

Kaliji with flowers presented to her on Guru Purnima day.

Kaliji with Swami Manasa Datta’s niece Divya Kesarinath and her family: husband Gautam, daughters Anagha Lakshmi (right) and Ananya Lakshmi (left). The family was very happy to meet Kaliji and asked her to come to Atlanta.

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