Guru Purnima Celebrations

/, Sri Swamiji, with Kaliji/Guru Purnima Celebrations

Tuesday, the full moon of July, was Guru Purnima day ~ the day to honor the Guru/teacher. There was much celebration in Dallas, with programs with Sri Swamiji throughout the day and evening.

Kaliji on Guru Purnima day

In the evening, many joined in the raas dance, consisting of two circles facing each other. The circles move in opposite directions, with all hitting the sticks of their partner in a consistent pattern.

All enjoyed the dancing so much that they continued through three compositions by Sri Swamiji.

Sri swamiji released a new CD ~ “Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra”. He said that listening to this CD brings benefits on many levels and encouraged everybody to give it as a present to their family and friends. Kaliji was the first one to get this CD from Sri Swamiji Himself.

The children are always drawn to Kaliji. Sri Vidya (at left) won the bhajan competition, where, out of a group of children, she was judged the best in singing Sri Swamiji’s bhajans.

Kaliji with Sri Rishi Prabhakar, founder of the Siddha Samadhi Yoga Programmes.

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