Gnaa-Naa-Bha Yoga Conference

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On Saturday, Kaliji gave a talk on yoga at the Gnaa-Naa-Bha Yoga Conference. In half an hour, Kaliji covered many aspects of yoga lifestyle (including diet and regular practice) and the importance of taking action to follow right now.

The speakers at the 4th Gnaa-Naa-Bha-Yoga Conference in Frisco, Texas. Swamy Brahmadeo of Trinidad, Pujya Sri Rishi Prabhakar Ji of India, Swami Chidatmananda of India, Kaliji, Dr. Padma Murthy, Sri. T.S. Murthy, Datta Yogi Raja and Vamshi Krishna Ghanapathi

After the speech, many approached Kaliji to share how much they loved her speeh. Sri Swamiji’s sectetary Ramesh said that when Kaliji speaks, she does not give just a talk, she gives life.

The previous day, experts of music were talking about Nadam (music). Dr Padma Murti, a long time devotee of Sri Swamiji, the best carnatic singer of her time and a Ph.D. in musicology, spoke about Sri Swamiji’s music. She talked about uniqueness of his music from an expert’s point of view.

Kaliji at one of Sri Swamiji’s bhajan sessions.

Kaliji with Mitradeva, Ganga, and Lila Ananda in one of the parks in Dallas, having fun on a walk in between the programs.

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