First TriYoga Teacher Training in Chongqing, China

///First TriYoga Teacher Training in Chongqing, China

First TriYoga Basics Training in Chongqing, China

August 30- October 11, 2017

In June, Kiki taught a 3-day workshop in Chongqing in southwest China. The local students showed a great enthusiasm for TriYoga, so local teacher Wang Ying arranged a Basics Teacher training to begin in August. In addition to the 14 interns,  several teachers from other cities also joined to deepen their practice and to refine their teaching skills.

Kiki taught the first 120 hours, assisted by Level 2 teachers WangYing and TaoMin.

In September, many of the group traveled to Dalian to meet Kaliji at the International China Yoga Expo and returned to Chongqing with new inspiration.

Eva-Maria came for the final 30 hours; it was the first time Eva-Maria and Kiki worked together for a teacher training, and they felt a good connection.  Eva-Maria enjoyed the local sights and cuisine and said it was a joy to teach the 14 well-trained interns.

The highlight on the last day was the on-line meeting with Kaliji–and the announcement of their certification!  Each student had a chance to speak with Kaliji, to share their stories and receive Kaliji’s encouragement.

Among the group,  Juan Zi, Chun Chun and Lili had traveled  over 800-1600 kilometers from their hometown to ChongQing to study.  Qiu Mei, Xiao Pang, Zhu Lan, Yu Shuang are from different areas outside of the city and have full time jobs: they used all of their annual vacation to join the course. Tiger is an inspired local yoga teacher with more than 10 years teaching experience: he recognized TY’s unique qualities immediately during the June workshop and is one of the main local teachers who requested the teacher training in Chongqing.

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