First Concert in China with Sri Swamiji & the Celestial Troupe and the 2nd Int’l China Yoga Expo

/, Sri Swamiji, with Kaliji/First Concert in China with Sri Swamiji & the Celestial Troupe and the 2nd Int’l China Yoga Expo

The 2nd China International Yoga Industry Expo took place September 23–25 inside the iconic and futuristic International Conference Center in Dalian, China, highlighted by a presentation from Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji and daily presentations from Yogini Kaliji. On the evening of Saturday, September 24, Sri Swamiji and the Celestial Troupe performed the first Indian Music Concert in China in the acclaimed conference center concert hall.

The historic event of the concert and expo with both Sri Swamiji and Yogini Kaliji attracted groups from TriYoga Centers and Communities (TYC&Cs) throughout China, and Datta devotees and TriYoga teachers and students from across the world attended as well. After the past year of high expectations and preparations by all involved with the conference and concert, and the efforts by TYC&C leaders in China to organize participants from their areas, it was a particularly exciting and joyful reunion for everyone in Dalian.

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China Int’l Yoga Expo 2016

The Yoga Expo officially started on Friday morning, September 23 with a grand opening ceremony. The conference stage was set in the most scenic location inside the conference center, backed by a wall of windows looking out over the plaza to the Yellow Sea. Well-known TV personality Zhao Zheng introduced conference organizer Yong Lu, who gave opening remarks. Yogini Kaliji delivered an opening address for the conference, and many involved with the planning and preparation of the conference, including TYC&C leaders in China, were recognized for their efforts.


Immediately following the conference opening ceremony, Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji arrived at the conference center for the first time. A group photo with Sri Swamiji and all those in attendance was organized. Sri Swamiji taught the opening program of the conference with presentation on Yoga.

Yogini Kaliji taught three, two-hour classes during the conference, each of which included both jnana talks and yogaflow. Kaliji gave inspirational talks on Yoga Sutras, Ayurveda, and Meditation.

After each class, Chinese participants were eager for a moment with Kaliji for photos, gifts, and to just be in Kaliji’s presence.

TriYoga Senior teachers Nandi and Gina, and TriYoga’s Dr. G also presented at the conference. Nandi taught a physical anatomy class, Gina taught prenatal, and Dr. G gave a talk on medical facts on yoga. Also presenting at the conference were Yogi Mohan, Mishra Avinash, and Lance Schuler.


The Yoga Expo was attended by a wide variety of vendors, selling clothes, props, and yoga items. Some of the vendors displayed lines of products they had developed specifically for TriYoga. At the Ganesha booth, Kaliji was gifted a selection of yoga mats, all with Kaliji’s name on them. Kaliji flowed beautifully on these mats while surrounded by a captivated audience. TriYoga teacher Zhu Zhu and her husband, from Shenzhen, developed TriYoga-inspired line of yoga mats and props.[/sws_green_box] [sws_yellow_box box_size=”670″]

Healing and Meditation Music Concert

Sri Swamiji’s Healing and Meditation Concert is officially recognized by the Chinese Government as the first Indian music performance in China, and will be entered into the government archives! This historical event took place on Saturday, Sept 24, inside the stunning convention center concert hall. Audience members were seated in every level of the four-tier venue. TY Teacher Kiki welcomed the audience and was the interpreter. Zhao Zheng and organizer Yong Lu delivered opening speeches. Kaliji gave a talk on the music as sound therapy; followed by the introduction of Sri Swamiji and the Celestial Troupe. A beautiful Chinese lamp hung over the stage and was illuminated to inaugurate the performance. TriYoga teacher Yo Li, wife of Yong Lu, presented Sri Swamiji with a garland.

Sri Swamiji graced the audience, both those present in the hall and those viewing worldwide via Livestream, with over two hours of divine music. For the first time in many years, Sri Swamiji walked among the audience with a crystal in hand during Tani Avartam (percussion solos with mridangam and tabla ). A group of autistic children were seated in one section of the hall, and Sri Swamiji went to them and physically touched many. Near the end of the concert, spontaneously Sri Swamiji added melodious sounds giving a Chinese feel to the music.

Following the concert, Yogini Kalij, Yong Lu, and Yo Li offered a garland and vastra to Sri Swamiji and honored the accompanying musicians: Sri. Jaitra (violin), Sri. Mani (support keyboard), Sri. Ramesh (Mridangam), and Sri. Mahesh (Tabla). The commemorative concert T-shirt was also presented to Sri Swamiji.

Sri Swamiji was very happy with the concert, and praised the acoustics of the concert hall.

Kaliji near the Conference Center after the concert.

The Dalian International Conference center is a world-class venue. The concert hall is considered to have the best acoustics and most modern sound equipment in China.

[/sws_yellow_box] City of Dalian featured many animated billboards of Sri Swamiji concert and posters of the Yoga Expo.

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On Thursday Sep 22, a full day of sightseeing in Dalian was enjoyed by participants filling two buses. Sights included the beautiful Dalian coastline, the Dalian Natural History Museum, and Xinghai Square (the largest public square in Asia). In the afternoon, the lucky group was joined by Sri Swamiji for a journey to Bang Chui Island and the and the scenic return drive. Sri Swamiji sat in the midst of Chinese participants on one of the tour buses, to the great delight of everyone.

After the conclusion of the conference on Sunday, the last public event with Sri Swamiji was a boat ride aboard a large yacht on the Yellow Sea. During the boat ride, Sri Swamiji met personally with Chinese TY teachers and students in groups of three. It was beautiful to witness how moved and exhilarated the Chinese were by this rare experience, and to see the respect, awe, and love they have for Sri Swamiji.

The boat spent over two hours along the spectacular Dalian coastline. As the sun set, Sri Swamiji walked onto the upper deck over the stern for photographs, followed by Yogini Kaliji who was surrounded by students hoping for photos! The calm seas, beautiful weather, and above all the presence of Sri Swamiji and Yogini Kaliji made the boat ride a blissful event and the perfect conclusion for an amazing experience in Dalian.

[/sws_blue_box] Yogini Kaliji and the TY team arrived in Dalian on the full moon, a few days prior to the conference. They were greeted at the airport by Yong Lu and Yo Li.

Kaliji and the group enjoyed a meal with the enigmatic and charismatic Chairman Chen from the Dalian Chamber of Commerce. A friend of TriYoga, Chairman Chen’s assistance was invaluable in making the conference and concert possible.


Sri Swamiji and the parivar (traveling group) arrived in Dalian on September 21, greeted by Yogini Kaliji, organizers Yong Lu and Yo Li, and the TYI team.


Sri Swamiji departed China on Sunday, accompanied to the airport by Yogini Kaliji, Yong Lu and Yo Li, and the TY team.

Parivar leaving for India: Vishal and Nandini; Celestial Troupe: Mani. Jaitra, Ramesh, Mahesh.The time to say goodbye came too fast…YoLi and Yong Lu shared plans and excitement for even grander TY Conference next year.

Thank you to the trinity of translators: Sisi, Kiki and Tina.

TY team in Dalian: Hari, Nandi, Polo, Jasmin, Kiki, Dr. G, not in the photo Rishi, Ganga.

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Vegan meals were served by the elegant, unique, and delicious Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant, conveniently located near the conference center.[/sws_green_box]
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