“Evolution Yoga Conference in Asia”

///“Evolution Yoga Conference in Asia”


Yogini Kaliji made her 5th annual visit to Hong Kong for the “Evolution Yoga Conference in Asia”, June 11–14. Of the over 160 workshops and 45 presenters, Kaliji’s programs are regularly sold-out and held in the largest conference halls.

This year Kaliji taught five 2-hour workshops: Art and Science of Yogaflow, Earth Flow, Water Flow, Fire Flow, and Air Flow.

At the conference, Kaliji was also interviewed by reporters from YogaTimes and Yogalife online magazines.

Dinner with Victor and students

Kaliji and TriYoga’s great friend Victor Chang traveled to the conference for the opportunity to visit with Kaliji. Victor was the first to invite Kaliji to Asia, and organized John and Santoshi’s first China programs. A number of Victor’s students were also attending the conference, so Victor arranged a wonderful meal with his group and Kaliji’s group.

Victor’s students Donna and David traveled to the conference from their home in Manila, Philippines. They previously met Kaliji at the conference in 2013, and were happy to attend Kaliji’s workshops again.

David is a wonderful rhythm player, and Donna an inspired dancer. At the beginning of the Water Flow workshop, they were invited to the stage by Kaliji for the chant “Bolo Bolo”. The combination of Kaliji’s vocals and harmonium playing, David’s energizing and perfectly-paced drumming, and Donna’s expressive and abandoned dancing kept all in attendance equally mesmerized and enthralled!

TriYoga students and teachers from mainland China attend the conference each year, forming an entourage behind Kaliji throughout the conference. Conference coordinator Alda says she can always tell when Kaliji is near because she can feel the energy of the TriYoga group that accompanies her.

TriYoga student and Hong Kong resident Ken opened his studio so the TriYoga group could spend an afternoon meeting with Kaliji.

While in Asia, Kaliji opened three new TriYoga Centers in China and one in Taiwan. Level 2 teacher Ajasha (center, next to Kaliji) is opening a new TriYoga Center in the west side of Shenzhen.

There were plenty of opportunities for walks and sightseeing.

Kiki translated all of Kaliji’s programs, and John and Santoshi offered alignment assistance.

Ma Mei will begin her Junior Teacher Training internship this September with Santoshi in Tianjin. TriYoga student Anjaneya traveled from Cambodia to see Kaliji and his TriYoga family.

Cheering for TriYoga

Hooray for TriYoga in Asia! Kaliji has already been invited back to the Evolution Yoga Conference in 2016.


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