Evolution ~ Asia Yoga Conference 2011

///Evolution ~ Asia Yoga Conference 2011

Kaliji was invited to give the keynote address and teach programs at the 5th annual Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong from June 9-12. This is the largest yoga conference in Asia, with over 3000 participants, and more than 200 programs taking place over the four days.

Many of Kaliji’s students from China attended the conference, enjoying the opportunity to spend time with Kaliji both during and outside of class.

From left: Angel, JoJo, Kaliji and Jenny
JoJo is a well-known yoga teacher in China, teaches TY classes daily, and organizes some of the TriYoga programs there. She hosts Eva-Maria for a month each year.

From left: Grace, Kiki, Kaliji
Grace is the owner of UYoga, and organizes programs for John and Stephanie for about 6 months every year. Kiki is Kaliji’s translator in China, and also translates for John & Stef.

Assisting Kaliji during the conference were Kiki (top), Katya and Ekaterina from Vienna.

Kaliji with Victor (in green), very helpful coordinator for Kaliji’s Asian activities, and friends.

Over the 4 days, Kaliji taught TY flow sessions, Prana Vidya, and Mudra, as well as performing Devi Dance, participating in a panel discussion and giving the closing keynote address.

The panel discussion, with the theme Scratching the Surface of Yoga in Search of Clarity & Understanding: Many Practices, One Intention. From left: Patrick Creelman (founder of Pure Yoga), Sharon Gannon (founder of Jivamukti Yoga), Sharath Rangaswamy (grandson of Pattabhi Jois, leading Ashtanga Yoga Institute), Alex Medin (one of the few teachers officially certified to teach Ashtanga Yoga by Pattabhi Jois), Sri N.V. Raghuram (international yoga professor of Vivekananda Yoga University, Bangalore), Kaliji, Carlos Pomeda (student of Swami Muktananda), Paul Dallaghan (student of Sri O P Tiwari & late Sri K Pattabhi Jois, owner of Yoga Retreat Center, Thailand)

On the final evening of the conference, Kaliji gave the keynote address “Many Practices, One Intention”, beginning with a chant. Read Kaliji’s keynote address here.

Kaliji with teachers and students at the Kung Tak Lam Shanghai Vegetarian Restaurant.

On Kaliji’s last day in Hong Kong, Kaliji’s students arranged a wonderful vegan meal.

Then they went for a walk in the nearby park, where Kaliji continued the festivities with chanting.

Kaliji with translator Kiki and TY teacher Govinda.

With Will, who has a blog in China about TriYoga, which can be read at blog.sina.com.cn/triyogachina. Kiki also has a blog, which is at blog.sina.com.cn/yogakiki.

As Kaliji was leaving for the airport, she was saying goodbye to the students, and had her hands in a mudra. Two women from Kenya happened to witness this, and excitedly began talking to Kaliji. They had attended the conference, hoping to find ways to connect with the universal energy, and found this when they saw Kaliji. They continued talking with her all the way to the airport, learning Devi mudra from Kaliji.

Kaliji at Victoria Peak on her last night in Hong Kong.


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