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   TY Classes

“TriYoga Through the Elements”
Earth Flow, Free the Hips, is a seamless fluid flow connecting the six
directional movements of the hips – flexion and extension, internal and
external rotation, abduction and adduction.  This workshop gives the
opportunity to release deep patterns of tension.  Like the roots of a tree
being watered, experience the flow of increased energy with opened, balanced
Water Flow, Free the Spine—energise the spine, awaken the flow.  The spinehas the shape of a wave.  TriYoga’s unique wave-like movements move the spine vertebra by vertebra within its full six-directional range: flexion (forward bend), extension (backward bend), right and left rotation (twist), right and left lateral flexion (side bend).  Learn the double wave, moving from superficial muscles to the inner core muscles. It is said, “the body is as healthy as the spine is flexible.”  Awaken the spine and feel the energy flow!
Fire Flow is a dynamic strengthening flow for the whole body. The sustained and flowing postures synchronised with breath and focus emphasise hip-opening and spine-strengthening sequences, creating heat in the body. Awaken the inner agni through the dynamic fire flow. Agni, Sanskrit for fire, is revered as cleansing, purifying and strengthening.
Air Flow, with increased awareness of Pranayama and Mudra, reflects the
lightness of Prana. Unique, dynamic four-directional turns open the hips while expanding spatial awareness. The dance between Kriya and Asana – flowing and sustained postures – guides one to stillness.  The air element is associated with Anahata, the heart Chakra. Feel the joy!

  Kyoto, Japan

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