TriYoga at Nasha Yoga Conference, Moscow

/TriYoga at Nasha Yoga Conference, Moscow
TriYoga at Nasha Yoga Conference, Moscow2015-09-24T07:38:39-07:00

santoshi_headshotSantoshi will present TriYoga at the Наша Йога (Our Yoga) conference in Moscow.

Experience the joy of TriYoga! Join TriYoga Senior Teacher Santoshi for TriYoga practice. The seamless fluid yogaflow of dynamic and sustained asana unified with pranayama and mudra creates greater flow of prana.  Awaken the spine and feel the energy flow.  Create heat in the body and release deep patterns of tension.  Yogaflow and Pranayama are woven together, expanding consciousness and energy.
Classes will include:
TriYoga Through the Elements :
Earth and Water flow: a seamless, fluid flow connecting the six directional movements of the hips and of the spine.TriYoga’s unique wave-like movements  give the opportunity to release deep patterns of tension and increase awareness in all areas of the body and mind.  Learn the double wave, moving from
superficial muscles to the inner core muscles.  Awaken the hips and spine, and feel the energy flow.
Fire Flow is a dynamic strengthening flow for the whole body. The sustained and flowing postures synchronised with breath and focus emphasise hip-opening and spine-strengthening sequences, creating heat in the body. Awaken the inner agni through the dynamic fire flow. Agni, Sanskrit for fire, is revered as
cleansing, purifying and strengthening.
Air Flow, with increased awareness of Pranayama and Mudra, reflects the lightness of Prana. Unique, dynamic four-directional turns open the hips while expanding spatial awareness. The dance between Kriya and Asana – flowing and sustained postures – guides one to stillness.  The air element is associated with Anahata, the heart Chakra. Feel the joy!
Public talk on Ahimsa Lifestyle and the Plant-based diet.

Contact Uliana for more information or to register. the flow