Level 2 TYTT with Brigitte

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Level 2 TYTT with Brigitte

Module 1: January 15-20, 2022

Module 2: April 8-11, 2022

The flows will be taught with a special focus on the fascial system and integrate therapeutic aspects and variants for any flow. In level 2 15 hours of therapeutic fascial anatomy will be integrated (follow up of the 15 TY basic Fascial Elective). Extensive documentation will be given.

The training will be held in a compact mode of 3 modules, module 1 covering Series 1 to 3, module 2 covering 4 and 5 as well as the 15 hours of Therapeutic Fascia. Module 1 will be in January 2022, Module 2 in April 2022, and module 3 will be certification (dates TBA).

Please contact TYC Holzkirchen for information and registration. In person as well as online are simultaneously available.


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