Basics Teacher Training with Brahmi ~ Feb ’19–Oct ’19

/Basics Teacher Training with Brahmi ~ Feb ’19–Oct ’19
Basics Teacher Training with Brahmi ~ Feb ’19–Oct ’192019-02-24T19:09:07-08:00

Brahmi assisting a student

Basics Teacher Training with Brahmi (Beth Gold-Bernstein

TYC Boston

Techniques – 100 hoursDate   Hours
Earth Flow and Prana VidyaFeb 23-2416
Water Flow and Prana VidyaMar 30-3116
Fire Flow and Prana VidyaApril 27-2816
Air and Space Flows and Prana VidyaMay 18-1916
Additional Techniques  classes36
Teaching Methodology – 25 hrs
Earth Flow and Prana VidyaJune 16
Water Flow and Prana VidyaJune 26
Fire Flow and Prana VidyaAugust 37
Air and Space Flows and Prana VidyaAugust 46
Anatomy & Physiology –20 hrs
Yoga AnatomyTBS15
Subtle Anatomy5
Yoga Philosophy/Lifestyle and Ethics 30 hrs
Yoga SutrasTBS12
Yamas & Niyamasonline & in-class6
Garden DietMarch 16-1712
Earth Flow PracticumAugust 55
Water Flow PracticumAugust 65
Fire Flow PracticumAugust 75
Air and Space Flows PracticumAugust 85
Teach Basics ClassesSeptember – Oct5

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