Dec 23-Jan 1 ~ Goa

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From December 23 through January 1, Kaliji is giving a TY retreat in Goa. Satsanga Retreat is a family-run retreat center in the small village of Verla Canca. It features a beautiful yoga room, swimming pool, and lush tropical gardens.

The retreat is full and the participants are from many different countries including Australia, Denmark, England, Germany, India, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.

The morning session includes jnana, TriYoga Prasara (yogaflow), and Prana Vidya. The afternoon session has a focus on Prasara and Prana Vidya. Between sessions people have many choices including beaches and markets or relaxing at the retreat with pool, massage and more. Each evening is satsanga with Kaliji, accompanied by tabla player Prasann.

Entrance to the yoga room

Nataraja on the main puja in the yoga room

Morning TY class

Sudevi from Santa Cruz, CA

Prana Vidya practice, assisted by TY teacher Eva-Maria from Berlin

Renata, TY teacher from Zurich, and her husband Mario

TY teachers Keith from Berlin and Pene from Australia

Scenes from the retreat center ~

Kaliji’s cottage

Student cottages

Tea room

The superb vegan meals, including a great variety of delicious Indian and western foods, are prepared by Kerala chef Mani.

More photos from Goa ~ page 2

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