Yogini Kaliji and Chant Club at the Third Annual International China Yoga Industry Expo in Dalian

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Yogini Kaliji was the main presenter at the third annual International China Yoga Industry Expo in the beautiful seaside city of Dalian. One hundred participants joined Kaliji’s three TriYoga sessions, each of which included both a jnana presentation and a Yogaflow class. Chant Club had their China debut with nightly sets during the Expo, the first time Sanskrit chanting performances have been officially approved by the Chinese government.

The timing of the conference coincided with the nine-night festival of Navaratri—the celebration of Universal Energy—and with Bhagavad Jayanti, the celebration of the day that Krishna delivered the teachings to Arjuna which became the Bhagavad Gita.

This year also marks the 12-year anniversary of Kaliji’s first visit to China, and the beginning of a new 12-year cycle.

During Yogaflow sessions, the 12 years of TriYoga in China was reflected in the meditative atmosphere while participants flowed beautifully through all-levels Yogaflow.

Each of Kaliji’s classes at the Expo featured a jnana topic: “Yoga: the Path, The Goal”, “Mudra: Theory and Application”, and “Gems of the Bhagavad Gita”. The Chinese TriYoga teachers and students loved receiving this beautifully presented wisdom from Kaliji. Translation for all programs with Kaliji was provided by TY teacher trainer Kiki.

Chant Club rocked in China with Kaliji on vocals and harmonium, Berni on guitar, and Prasann on tabla. The nightly performances were electrifying and brought the audience to their feet dancing. The enthusiasm and joy of the Chinese audience blended perfectly with the unique and energized Chant Club sound. Each session was also streamed live online to participants throughout China.

TriYoga students and teachers from across China traveled to Dalian for the chance to spend time with Kaliji, and they used every opportunity before, during, and after programs to have photos with Kaliji, share their experiences and testimonials, and enjoy the personal connection.

The Expo attracted a variety of vendors. Two booths were reserved especially for TriYoga, one for photos and another for TriYoga clothing. TY teacher Zhu Zhu also had a booth which sold personalized TriYoga mats, blocks and straps.

Mr. Huang, Executive Vice President of the China International Automobile Industry Association, is a close friend of organizer Yong Lu and a fan of Kaliji and TriYoga. He danced through Chant Club performances and joined for meals with Kaliji.

Organizers Yong Lu and TY teacher Yo Li work tirelessly to create the Dalian Expo and share TriYoga throughout China. They oversee every aspect of the conference, from sightseeing to conference programs to meals & accommodations. This year, thanks to Yong Lu’s efforts, Chant Club became the first group to receive official authorization from the Chinese government to perform Sanskrit chanting in China. Yo Li continues to travel throughout China, teaching TriYoga and reaching new studetns, and taught two classes at the Dalian conference. They are already planning for an even bigger event next year!

The striking, otherworldly, and amazing Dalian Convention Center has been home to the Expo for the past three years.

Large screens inside the main convention center entrance showed scenes from Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji’s concert at the 2016 conference and from Yogini Kaliji’s previous programs in Dalian.

Dalian offers many options for sightseeing, and is famous for its many public city squares and stunning coastal scenery. Participants enjoyed a full-day sightseeing tour which included many of the highlights.

Just minutes from the Dalian Convention Center, the creative, unique, and wonderfully delicious vegan dishes at Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant were a treat for all.

When departing Dalian, Yogini Kaliji was accompanied to the airport by Yong Lu & Yo Li and a TY group including Kiki’s parents, who had traveled from Xi’an for the Yoga Expo. Kiki’s mother wrote this testimonial about their experience in Dalian:

“We were able to meet Kaliji in person through this yoga conference. We are very happy seeing the real Divine. We had great benefits from her classes. Many thanks to her!

We also received care and help from the international friends, thanks to all!

Thanks! Thanks!”


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