China International Yoga Industry Expo

///China International Yoga Industry Expo


Yogini Kaliji was the main presenter at the first China International Yoga Industry Expo, a five-day yoga conference focused on TriYoga. Held September 21–25 in the northeast port city of Dalian, China at the International Conference Center, the event was attended by nearly 200 participants from all over China and Taiwan, the majority of who were new to TriYoga. The conference was organized by husband and wife team Yong Lu and TriYoga teacher YoLi, whom have worked tirelessly to spread TriYoga throughout China and had a vision to create a conference devoted to TriYoga!

The opening ceremony was attended by Dalian government officials and extensively covered by press. Kaliji delivered a short opening talk, followed by prana-guided mudra flow while the audience chanted OM.

The China government was represented by Chairman Xing and Vice-Chairman Chen from the China Council For the Promotion of International Trade Dalian Sub-Council/China Chamber of International Commerce/Dalian Chamber of Commerce. Unusually, the officials opted to forego their customary remarks and keep the opening ceremony focused on Yogini Kaliji.

Kaliji taught daily classes at the conference, with topics including Art and Science of Yogaflow, Free the Hips and Spine, Basics, Earth and Water flows, Prana Vidya, and Mudra.

One morning participants joined Yogini Kaliji for a flow, mudra, and nada yoga session on the grand plaza along the Dalian waterfront. Excited students enjoyed endless opportunities for photos with Kaliji

Conference organizers were proud to announce that the large public gathering had required high-level government clearance to proceed, which was obtained just before the event started.

Each day the group enjoyed delicious vegan meals and satsang in a beautiful waterfront setting at the nearby Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant. The last night’s dinner was traditional Chinese hot-pot: organizer Yong Lu said the meal represented the fire of TriYoga, spreading across China and the world, each “little sparkle” lighting up a new area.

On two evenings, groups of participants had the opportunity to join Kaliji for dinner and enjoy Q&A, jnana flow, photo opportunities, and lots of laughter.

Kaliji was given a private tour of the incredible Dalian International Conference Center by the conference center management. According to the tour guides, the total constructions costs of the conference center, including the stunning concert hall, were approximately $1 billion USD. Many commented that both outside and inside, the building resembled a UFO! The conference center was a perfect home for TriYoga’s first conference in China.

A sightseeing trip was arranged to the nearby Castle Hotel, which afforded unparalleled views of Xinghai Bay and the Yellow Sea.

Master Hsein Feng Chiu, a yoga philosopher renowned in Taiwan and China, presented daily at the conference. He has been teaching yoga philosophy for more than 24 years. Master Chiu also participated in the TriYoga classes and was quick to appreciate the energetic flow of prana through every movement.

Great thanks to husband and wife team Yong Lu (left) and Yo Li (right) for beautifully organizing the first TriYoga conference in China! Yo Li also offered demonstration onstage during Kaliji’s flow classes.

TriYoga teacher Tina Feng provided sweet and seamless Chinese interpretation throughout the week during classes, interviews, and meals.

Kaliji was assisted throughout the five-day conference by senior-level teachers Gina, John & Santoshi. All three are currently conducting teacher trainings in China: Gina in Beijing at TYC Karuna with Basics–Level 2, John at TYC Bao’an in Shenzhen with Level 3, and Santoshi at TriYoga studio Shenzhen OCT with Basics.

The organizers’ staff helped to make the conference great.

The charismatic and philosophical Chairman Chen, of the Dalian Chamber of Commerce, attended the opening ceremony as well as the first and last group meals in Dalian. His support was instrumental in making the conference possible. Chairman Chen astonished Kaliji and the senior teachers with his insight into TriYoga and his natural understanding of yoga philosophy. When Kaliji asked him how he could know so much, he explained “I am from another planet!”

About Kaliji, Chairman Chen said, “Yoga is to bring heaven and earth together—with you, we have real yoga.”

Chairman Chen is also a calligraphy artist. As a departing gift, he presented Kaliji with a poem by the former Chinese leader Mao Ze Dong. The poem describes a flower that blooms in winter. Chairman Chen’s interpretation was that “Our [Tri]yoga is like this flower. Although it is only one flower among all the other flowers, and it only blossoms in winter, it is very good and lasts forever and will bring people infinite beauty and joy.”

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