Chicago and Kentucky, April 2011

///Chicago and Kentucky, April 2011

Kaliji traveled to the Midwest at the beginning of April, teaching in Chicago the weekend of April 1-3, then visiting Kentucky from April 4 – 7.

Organized by TY teacher Maretta (back row, second from right), Kaliji taught at the Chicago Yoga Center. Many students from Chicago attended, as well as from Iowa and St. Louis. Shown here is the group who attended the Saturday session.

Senior teachers Eva-Maria (visiting from Berlin) and Chandra (from Florida) assisted students in the programs.

Teachers and students from the TriYoga Center of Cedar Rapids traveled from Iowa for the weekend. From left: Marge, Adrien, Tom, Narayani, Satyam

Ann and Mona

On Saturday evening, a wonderful vegan potluck was held at the home of TY teacher Sharla.

Participants from the Sunday session.

Students said of Kaliji’s program:

“Kali Ray’s teaching method is calm and very effective and the workshop was fun (didn’t even realize that the 5 hours flew so fast because she has a great sense of humor!). This is proven because she has such incredible TriYoga teachers…. Kali Ray is a person who’s heart shines with generosity. With Kali Ray’s outstanding achievements, her humble kindness reflects that TriYoga is more than just meditation and core strengthening, it is sincere respect and love for humankind and nature. And that, is refreshing!”

“it was our first 5-hour yoga session but the time went by much more quickly than we expected. Kaliji’s enthusiasm and gentle presence (shared by her two co-teachers) was an inspiration.”

Following the weekend, Kaliji visited family, TriYogis and the TriYoga land in beautiful central Kentucky.

With TY teacher Medha and intern Jenny, who both live in Lexington.

TY photographer Juli with camera in hand…..

Kaliji also visited long-time TriYoga friends Doc and Rama on their horse farm.

Kaliji takes advantage of every opportunity to make people happy ~
here she visits residents at a local Alzheimer’s home.

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