Chant Club in Russia ~ 2005

///Chant Club in Russia ~ 2005

As many of you know, Kaliji has begun her three-month tour in the U.S., Europe, and Russia. The organizers in Kiev, Ukraine also invited Chant Club to come to offer sessions of chanting. The sponsors covered two of the airline tickets. Funds were needed for one more ticket, and with the generous contributions of many supporters of TriYoga, the funding for this is complete!

Mercury, Patrick and Nikita will be joining Kaliji in Kiev, Ukraine ~ Novosibirsk, Siberia ~ Moscow, Russia (Aug 20 – Sep 9) to offer chanting programs for the many who will come to the programs. Please stay in touch with our website news for pictures of the event!

Our sincerest thanks to all who contributed…

Constance Chestnut
Bill and Marie DeSelle
Matarani Hamilton
Fran Shragger
Tara O’Neill
Lisa Cypressi
Theresa Shay
Kathleen Dirks
John Glore / Stephanie Walsh
Joanne and Ben Niedermeyer
Brian Dunning
Holly Paquette
Daniel Orlansky
Lillian Rivera
Linda Duehr
Maretta Jeuland
Clark Walker
Jia Patton
Saskia Bergmans
Paula Goldsmith
Jack and Mary McAllister
Atom Patton
Jasmin and Polo
Susan Ocopnick
Shanti Golds

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