Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of TriYoga !

///Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of TriYoga !

Message from Kaliji ~


In India as I write this, in front of Sri Swamiji performing Sri Cakra Puja, it is the evening of January 5th in the USA.
It is the time KRIYAVATI Siddhi began on the east coast.

I am very happy for all who have gained greater health, wisdom, and happiness through the grace of TriYoga.

TriYoga is now practiced in over 30 countries. The success of TriYoga is first due to the DEVI Blessing. And second, it is due to those who had the capacity to recognize and immerse in the divine flow of energy; those who were called within to teach TY; and as a result of the dear disciples who have devoted their lives to offer their service behind the scenes through overseeing the TYI office, the TY Centers, and the TY Teacher Training program.

I was blessed to bring forth the ancient TriYoga to Earth
and I am blessed to have met and re-met each of you who have found their spiritual hOMe in TriYoga.

It is just the beginning…

Let us join together to share this gift with everyone who desires to experience the endless benefits of TriYoga.


Jaya Guru Mata,

I am so privileged to have shared TY with you for the last 14 years; it has become the sacred bindu around which everything in my life revolves.

Thank you for sharing this timeless wisdom in such a pure yet structured manner that so many are able to understand and enjoy.

I delight in a deep sense of awareness of you and look forward to any and all opportunities to be in your presence ……. .

In gratitude and the limitless flow,



...in the flow