All-IndiaBonsai Conference, Mysore ~ Nov. 2007

///All-IndiaBonsai Conference, Mysore ~ Nov. 2007

Kaliji attended the All-India Bonsai Conference at Sri Swamiji’s ashrama in Mysore from Nov. 24-26. Bonsai masters from all over the world attended, including from the US, Japan and Taiwan. Kaliji opened the program with the lighting of the lamp and concluded it with her Devi Dance perfomance.

Sri Swamiji and Kaliji in the opening procession

Dancers costumed as bonsai trees entertained the visitors.

The opening ceremony, in which Swami Manasa Datta introduced the esteemed bonsai masters

Sri Swamiji speaks during the conference

Kaliji’s Devi Dance, performed for Sri Swamiji and Bonsai Conference participants

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