TriYoga Basics Teacher Training in Graz

///TriYoga Basics Teacher Training in Graz

June 23-25, 2017
Graz, Austria

Nine years ago, senior-level teacher Eva-Maria started the first Basics Teacher Training in Graz, Austria.
Now the city has a vibrant TriYoga Community, and  junior-level teacher trainer Elke (pictured here gathering herbs for a morning smoothie) invited Eva-Maria to certify this year’s Basics interns.
Some of the days, the group was joined by other TriYoga teachers, already certified in higher levels, who were happy to get a detailed brush-up.
On the last day Kaliji spent a long beautiful satsanga session on Skype with the students, even though it was  after midnight for her.  After an incredible jnana flow with outstanding answers, students continued to feel Kaliji’s presence during the ongoing Teacher Training.
Alexander, who has been practicing meditation for more than 20 years,  felt such a great happiness through the Prada Vidya practice that he says he is sure to continue this sequence on a daily basis. Petra was very tired after the intensive days, but after taking Eva-Maria to the airport she felt inspired to look at the TriYoga website and watched Kaliji’s videos—and all her tiredness disappeared!  Karin, who works at a fasting center, was the one who requested that Elke begin this teacher training: she can’t wait to share the gained knowledge with the clients who spend between eight and fourteen days in that center.
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