Basics/Level 1 Teacher Training at TYC Shenzhen

///Basics/Level 1 Teacher Training at TYC Shenzhen

TriYoga Center Shenzhen, China recently hosted another very successful Basics and Level 1 teacher training. The training was a taught by junior teacher trainer Kiki, with senior teachers John and Stef completing the final two weeks. Congratulations to all the new teachers, who will carry TriYoga back to their hometowns across China!


Twenty interns attended Basics and fifteen continued to Level 1. In addition, many teachers from previous trainings attended the classes. Level 2 teacher Ma Mei attended all of the training with Kiki as an assistant, and with John and Stef as a student. TYC Shenzhen teacher Lily also assisted when her teaching schedule allowed.



TYC Shenzhen has plenty of space to accommodate teachers, students and assistants.


With large training groups, interns have many opportunities to practice alignment assistance.


This is the second time that Kiki and Stef & John have cooperated with a training at TYC Shenzhen, and this was Kiki’s first Level 1 teacher training!


New teachers enjoying a light vegan meal to celebrate the completion of the training. John and student Xixi could not attend, so the students had them added.


As a special surprise, the students presented Stef, John and Kiki with homemade cards featuring all of their pictures with signatures and sweet messages. The cards included quotes from their teachers: Stef — Eat Plants!, John — Don’t Eat Too Much, and Kiki — Zhi Chi Zhi Wu! (Eat Only Plants!)

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