Basics TYTT in Shenzhen, China

///Basics TYTT in Shenzhen, China

Following teaching trips to Australia and Taiwan, John and Stef returned to Shenzhen, China and began a new series of teacher trainings on November 1. The 150 hour Basics training completed on December 9 with the certification of 26 new teachers! Most students from Basics are also attending the current Level 1 training, and many will continue with Level 2 in February.

This year’s Basics training was particularly special because everyone who attended had met Kaliji, many for the first time during Kaliji’s visit to Shenzhen in September. There was great excitement and enthusiasm throughout the Basics training, and a wonderful energy from having the new TriYoga Center filled to capacity. Also, nearly all of this year’s interns are already TriYoga students, having studied with Chinese TriYoga teachers in Shenzhen. The China TriYoga community is growing steadily, and there is a wonderful sense of fellowship among the teachers.

The Basics group includes new interns and experienced teachers. Teaches Deva (Jing Wei) and Shanti (Hang Sheng) have already had hundreds of hours of TriYoga teacher training, yet are attending the entire 400-hour training with John and Stef. Many of the new interns are Deva and Shanti’s students. Teachers from previous years stopped by the training to assist and refresh their knowledge.

Each day begins with a TriYoga Flow class taught by John or Stephanie. Since interns often have had little or no exposure to senior TriYoga teachers, and some are completely new to TriYoga, daily classes allow them to experience what a meditative TriYoga experience feels like.

The second half of most days is spent with teaching methodology and practicum. Here, Shanti is demonstrating Leg Stretch alignment assistance.

Interns have a lot of practice teaching during the training.

TriYoga teacher training is a lot of fun! After spending so much time together, the training group feels like a family.

Chinese students always come well prepared for the rest breaks!

John, Stef and translator Kiki sharing a light moment. In the past three years, they have spent well over 1000 hours together for teacher training, workshops, and classes.

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