Basics TY Teacher Training with Gina at TYC Beijing

///Basics TY Teacher Training with Gina at TYC Beijing

TY senior-level teacher Gina is in China for over 2 months (Oct 27–Dec 30, 2014), offering TY Teacher Trainings and workshops.

The programs started with Basics TY Teacher Training at TYC Beijing, China.
Gina describes the location and training: “The rural place for the trainings is surrounded by mountains and today the sun shines. The studio has a beautiful photo of Kaliji and her presence is felt. The air is fresh as the prevailing wind blows from north to south and we are situated on the northern suburbs of Beijing, not a high rise in sight except for the mountains;).”
Gina’s daughter Angie also traveled to Beijing and is part of the teacher training.

The students were excited to learn deeper TriYoga technique and alignment assistance.

TY Teacher Alexey assisted at the programs.

Vegan lifestyle was part of the TYTT.

Gina writes:
“Tonight we had a movie night. We found Forks over Knives with Chinese captions and viewed it together in groups around four computers. It captivated the students and had a profound influence on them. They have just put out the link to the TriYoga community in China and many will share the link with their families. It is a powerful tool for helping to illustrate why TriYoga advocates a plant-based diet, and of course since much of the research was also done in their own country it is particularly poignant. They did want me to do a workshop on vegan diet and it would be great to create a tool for addressing this, not only how–to but illustrate all the reasons for it since it requires a powerful drive to embrace it; education about the rationales is the key. Is a collaborative project for the future.”

Here is the trailer to Forks over Knives.

The program also included chanting led by Gina and accompanied by TY students on the bells.
Tina, the translator, sent this video.


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