Basics Teacher Training Macau

///Basics Teacher Training Macau

Basics Certification with Gina in Macau

May 21-22, 2016

Macau_Basics_MudraMacau enjoyed their very first Triyoga training taught by Junior Teacher Lalita with evaluation by Senior teacher Gina. Students had studied hard over a two month period with training on the weekends and practice during the week.Lalita did an excellent job of preparing these students for their evaluation process.


Macau_Basics_GroupThe group is excited and inspired by their experience and many plan to continue with Level 1 beginning in June.

Macau_men Many of the trainings here are predominantly ladies but we had 2 men in the group and it is always so much fun to have a male presence!

Danno_Gina_IvyThe organizer Danno (pictured here with Gina and translator Ivy, who also directs the TYC in Guangzhou) has a yoga studio and plans now to offer Triyoga classes. He is the father of three small rambunctious boys with a fourth due anytime now. His wife Lily is also inspired to learn and teach Triyoga.

These students were invited to watch the three  documentaries illustrating the Ahimsa Trinity. Later Danno the organizer posted a picture of his vegan lunch after viewing Earthlings. All were encouraged to read the China Study to learn more about whole food, plant-based diet.

Macau_Basics_SkypeWonderful energy and we felt very welcomed. Triyoga is beginning to blossom all over China.

Gina was taken sightseeing around Macau by Wen Ying (in orange) who first came to TriYoga at the Hong Kong Yoga Conference 4 years ago and has been tirelessly committed to its growth in Macau since then.  Wen Ying attended teacher trainings in ZhuHai and Shenzhen, organized workshops with Santoshi, Kiki and Lalita in Macau, and now this first Basics Teacher Training.  Lalita, who is based in nearby ZhuHai, took the ferry back and forth for the weekend trainings.  Ivy, from Guangzhou, joined as translator, and Sisi, from Shenzhen, also joined for a weekend. Sisi and Ivy usually translate into Mandarin, but rose to the challenge of translating into Cantonese and did a great job.

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