Basics Teacher Training Kunming

///Basics Teacher Training Kunming
Basics Teacher Training Kunming
April 13-May 11 2016
Senior-level teacher Gina went to Kunming and sends this report:
The Basics training in Kunming in April this year was the first TriYoga training in Kunming. 8 students inspired by Triyoga workshop experiences came together to learn the Art and Science of TriYoga flows. Most had previous yoga experience and said they were drawn to TriYoga through their experience of the beauty and grace of TriYoga flows. In the beginning some were challenged by the many details of this precise and systematic method. But slowly the realization came that these details enabled them to tune in more and more deeply to the inner flow waiting to be awoken in each one of them. As they began to gain some mastery, their enthusiasm, appreciation and excitement began to grow in leaps and bounds and like everyone else they fell in love and became “hooked”! There is a joy that arises through the practice and a bonding with others on the same journey. This group pledges to continue to practice and grow and share these teachings with others in Kunming.

 The little dogs name is “Xiao Mi” which means Little Rice. The dog belongs to Judy the organizer. He follows her everywhere and was so well behaved at the training that he could be there with us as we practiced. After yoga nidra he went and kissed everybody. He is like a little walking teddy bear😀…. Very cute!

During the course of the training the students learned about the yogic principle of Ahimsa and that TriYoga is also about a lifestyle that puts into practice this principle. The students learned about the Ahimsa Trinity and watched the three documentaries that illustrate these trinity principles. Forks Over Knives (Human Health), Cowspiracy (Ecology), and Earthlings (Animal Welfare). The journey had a profound effect with students reporting that they had never considered their food choices in these terms. Several took up the challenge of adopting a plant-based diet whilst doing the training. Reports of weight loss, improved elimination (ie.increased apana energy), increased energy (prana), decreased depression were shared. One student was inspired to experiment with vegan recipes and proudly shared her guacamole and hummus with the group. These food preparations were new to the Chinese and everyone became excited about learning about new ways to prepare food. This student wants to come the US and experience vegan restaurants with the idea that one day she might open a vegan restaurant in Kunming. Another student shared the links for the documentaries with her husband and he validated her attendance at the training stating that he thought her experience was well worth it and they made a family decision to adopt the vegan lifestyle. All shared that they felt there is an urgent need  to move towards the Ahimsa lifestyle and to encourage others to do so too.
As the training progressed the lunch items became students bringing vegan food and preparations to share. We had done a vegan potluck together at the time we watched Forks over Knives after that there was no stopping them! We made Chia pudding together…. always a big hit with Chinese students because they have such an appreciation  for foods in their natural state. By the end of the session students had already ordered chia seeds and almonds! They also learned about sprouting and Zhang Li (our interpreter) and I had brought sprouting seeds and we shared sprouts that were grown at lunchtime.
 Students were encouraged to read The China Study available in Chinese on Amazon to learn more about a healthy whole food plant based diet and it’s amazing health benefits.

On our last day together we had a lucky draw for a TriYoga T Shirt… Everyone was hoping to win 🙂 The lucky winner was Yixuan our vegan chef in the making, guacamole and hummus expert.

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