Basics Teacher Training in Wenzhou, China

///Basics Teacher Training in Wenzhou, China


Wenzhou, China

July 2018

Gina, Senior-level TriYoga teacher trainer, came for the conclusion of the Basics Teacher Training. 11 new interns, trained by junior-level teacher trainer Kiki, were certified as TriYoga Basics teachers and many have continued on to Level 1. The training took place at TYC Wenzhou, which is run by Zi Lu (center, in white) and many of the interns had studied TriYoga with her prior to the training. Gina reported that their previous preparation allowed them to “reach a high standard in competence and confidence in their personal flows and teaching abilities”.


XiLu and her partner, Xiao Yang, have transformed this apartment into a beautiful TriYoga Center, with an average of three TriYoga classes per day and workshops on the weekends.  The center includes areas for students to gather and socialize, within a peaceful and inviting atmosphere.

Inspired by Zi Lu, Wenzhou teacher Bei Ruo has created a sister studio several miles away.   These new studios allow for easy access within walking distance of surrounding neighborhoods, a valuable service to the local community. 

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