Basics Teacher Training in Taiwan with Kiki

///Basics Teacher Training in Taiwan with Kiki

After Kaliji’s visit to Taiwan to open the new TriYoga Center in TaoYuan, Chinese teacher Kiki stayed for 20 days of Basics teacher training and weekend workshops.

As always, students traveled from all over Taiwan to attend the training—some covering long distances each day to participate.

Julia, who opened the TY Center in June, was so happy to host Kiki and continue the growth and spread of TriYoga in Taiwan. She also organized workshops in other cities, so people all over the island nation could experience the flow.

Guests from other yoga associations also joined the weekend workshops and were impressed by TriYoga’s unique trinity emphasis on asana, pranayama, and mudra, and look forward to more chances to deepen their understanding.

The end of the training we celebrated with a beautiful vegan meal provided by the students! Everyone felt this was a wonderful way to conclude, with a “family style” meal for the expanding TriYoga family!

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